Saturday, April 14, 2012

It's been a while.........

Sorry for delay in not blogging for a while. Life has been happening at full speed.  We have been working out hard and doing a few new things.  The CL decided that we more strength  training and engaged Elaine aka Drill Sargent or the DS.  The DS uses the TRX system, medicine balls, and all forms of floor exercises.  These exercises strengthen our core and all the secondary muscles related to triathlon.

Today we did a 50 mile ride and a 6 mile run in zone 2 or a brick.  We started off having to go back by my house so I could get my cell phone.  My loving wife brought it to me.  We then started off on the ride.  All went well no incident we stayed together and rode in zone 2.

The most notable tidbit of the day was the naming of Snacky's new bike.  This part is going to be quite suggestive.  This is no longer PG rated. Snacky was riding with Gator Bait and MiniMe.  MiniMe suggested that it be "Richard" or its associated nickname.  It was noted that Snacky was not riding "Richard" today and it was probably lonely.  It was questioned when Snacky would next be riding "Richard" and for how long.  Also how would "Richard" feel with Snacky cheating on it.  Then there was the circumstance how Snacky would feel if someone else rode "Richard".  If Snacky uses "Richard" for the ironman, then she will be riding "Richard"for 112 miles.  As you can tell we had a little bit of fun with this.  Snacky is a great sport.

We did our 6 mile run in zone it was great.  We all did good.  Even Crampy did not cramp.  Good for him.  We had a our post race snack.  It was great. Thanks Snacky.

The day ended with us having a happy hour at the Tap Room. Woo Hoo!!

That is it for today.

Train Hard, Train Smart.

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