Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Swim Pacing

CL told me today was going to be about pacing.  So I start the day early again.  4:45am sucks, but it is necessary.  We get to the pool and CL tells me to get in the lane with Snackie.  Snackie is fast.  This does not seem to be good for me.  So we do a 500m warm up - 300 pull & 200 kick.  We get done and CL tells this swim about  T-pace, Threshold pace.  T-pace is the pace we tested for 3 weeks ago.  Mine is 1:50 per 100m.

The workout is T-pace plus 5secs for 10 - 100m with 10 second rest.  Then do another 10 - 100m with 20 seconds rest at T-pace.  So Snackie and I get started.  I am on fire. I swim the first 100 at 1:30.  Oops!  This goes on for another 3 or 4 100s and then CL comes over and starts getting mad at us.  PS Snackie was faster. I try to slow down but it just is not happening.  I end up doing my slowest lap at 1:40.

I am sure I will hear about it tomorrow.   We finished with another 100 kick and 200 back.

Train Hard, Train Smart

Monday a day of .....

A much needed day.  I stretched in the morning on my Grid roller.  Worked hard all day and then got ready for Tuesday.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Sunday's Almost Brick

On Sunday a bunch of us went out to Clermont to ride 50 miles and then run 2 miles off the bike.  It was a little chilly so we were bundled up somewhat.

We were riding on the West Orange trail.  Most of the time when it crosses a street there is a pole in the middle of the trail to prevent cars from turning on to the trail.  At one the intersections after we were about 7 miles out. J just forgets about the poles and runs into one.  It was a horrible sound.  Fortunately, he and his bike were ok.   so for the rest of the ride we not only were calling out runners and other cyclists on the trail but every pole too. I still can't believe he rode into the pole.

At 20 miles we had come back to the place we had started and it was raining.  The radar had rain in the direction we were going to go to finish the 50 miles.  So we decided to do our 2 mile run and go get breakfast at Waffle House.  That breakfast was great!!!

No stats.  Garmin screwed up on me.

Train Hard, Train Smart

Let's Swim and Run

So we head over to Lucky's Lake to do an open water swim.  We took our wetsuits.  I also had my oldest son who is 16 with me.  We picked up Snackie and Little T at the Y headed over to Lucky's Lake.

It was hilarious to watch people get into their wetsuits.  The best one was Bulky.  She broker her birdy finger at work the day before but she was determined to do a swim.  So there she is trying to get her wetsuit on.  Well she needed help.  So Steph and Snackie pitch in and start pulling this wetsuit up her body.  It looked like they were molesting her. It was hilarious.  They pulling and grabbing all over her.  Bulky seemed to enjoy it, but I am not sure.  Eventually, they got it on her.  Where was my cell phone????

The swim went well. Number 1 son made it over and back and signed the wall. I did a second crossing on my own.

Then we went for a 75 minute run in zone 2.  That was fun.  It ended up being 7 miles.

Pace 10:25 min/mi
Time: 75 min
Avg HR: 135

Train Hard, Train Smart

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday's Swim

Today was swimming. I got put in the fast lane.  That was funny.  The slow fat guy in the fast lane. Now that's hilarious.  It started out harmlessly with some kick and pull, then we started doing drills. Ouch.  Nothing like swimming with tennis balls in your hands and a kickboard sticking out between your legs near your butt.  My favorite drill was a new one.  It was a one legged kick with the other leg sticking up in the air. I felt like a flipping ballerina in the water.

PD and Snackie were good to me.  We swam well together.  PD and I just drafted Snackie as much as we could.  At the end the CL had us 4 fifties on the minute.  That is you swim 50 meters and when you finish you rest until one minute is up you then do the next fifty. After the fifties then we did 4 twenty-fives on the 25.  The only good news about this is it was only one minute forty seconds of hell.

We finished up and started the rest of our day.  CL says we are going to do the ballerina drill more because it strengthens our core. We will see.

That is it for tonight.

Train Hard, Train Smart

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A bike ride and a run

Today was a bike trainer workout.  It was a force workout that Joe Friel talks about in his book, "Your Best Triathlon".  A lot of simulated hills.  It was a challenge.  However, after an hour on the bike, I got off and then went for a 30 minute run in zone 2.  It was a good run.  I was running quick.  Better than I have before.  CL says I am getting more efficient.

Avg. Pace: 10:15 min/mi
Avg HR:  134 bpm

The funny for the day was my Garmin picked up Snackie's HR during the bike training.  Her HR is very high.  She was routinely in the 180s.  If my HR was that high I would be dead or in the hospital.  Of course, she is a bit younger.

Swimming 1.8 miles

So we get the pool on Tuesday and we get started.  CL gives us the warm up and the rest of the workout.  It was 10 - 50s with 10 sec rest, 2- 500s, 2 - 400s, 2 - 200s, and a 200 backstroke. All of this is in meters. This distance equates to 1.8 miles.  It took me a little over an hour to finish the workout.  Then I sat down and ate my nutrition.  Oh joy.

It was a good workout.

Train Hard, Train Smart

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The CL is hilarious......

As I have written we went riding for 60 miles on Saturday.  At the end of the ride Snackie had the chocolate milk, bananas and Nutella. We were all enjoying our post ride snack.  Then the CL proclaims that starting this week we have to start bringing nutrition to the pool to eat after we swim.  Then she had to say it again as usual with this group.  This time she said " You all need to have food on you when you swim."  I just could not resist.  This was a softball lobbed up for me to smack it out of the park.  I immediately said rather sheepishly, "Then won't it get all wet and soggy."

I could not look at her.  I knew she wanted to commit murder at that point in time.  The worst part was I was standing right next to her.  She did not hit.  I would have hit me.  Anyway it was fabulous and we all got a good laugh.

The CL is a great coach. We just have to keep it light.  The training is hard but we should be having fun too.  She let's us do both.  She is da bomb.

Train Hard, Train Smart

The 8 Mile Run

Ran this morning for 8 miles.  Had everything:

HR monitor  - Check
Water  - Check
HEED  - Check
Music  - Check
Garmin Watch - NOT

I did the run without the watch.  It was kind of interesting.  I can't tell you how many times I held up my arm to check my progress only to see my bare wrist.  Graciously, Hairy Scary kept track of my ultimate time and I knew how far 8 miles was.

Mileage: 8mi
Pace:  10:10 per mile
HR:  About 130's (checked every 2 miles)

Train Hard, Train Smart

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday's Ride - People, a Veteran, & a Fall

Today was a 60 mile ride from the Y.  We showed up at a usual time and there was a ton of people there.  I am telling you a lot of people.  There were at least 25 if not 30.  The ride was broken into two 30 mile parts.  The first part went back into Isle of Pines and ended back at the Y.  We refueled and stocked up, then went out for the second half.  The second half was up to Lee Vista and out to the airport.

As we were heading out to the airport we had to stop in a cut out to wait for a couple of people that got stuck at a traffic light.  This veteran tooled up on his electric scooter.  He stopped and started talking to us about how he was an army vet from Pearl Harbor. He certainly looked old enough but he was talking so fast I could not make out half of what he was saying.  He was funny and certainly broke up the drudergy of the ride.  God bless him and thank you for his service to our country.

Just down the road we had to make a left.  There were a lot of cars and it was hard getting over.  As we moved over into the left turn lane, two of the girls bumped into each other.  How do I know that? I was right behind them.  Well, one stayed up but the other fell.  Yes, right in front of me.  I had no where to go.  I was braking but ended up stopping on her rear wheel.  Then I fell fortunately I had no speed.  I was able to unclip and just enjoyed the ride to the asphalt.  I pulled my arms in and fisted my fingers. I hit on my right back and rolled.  I popped right up.  I was fine as was the girl that fell in front of me.  After checking ourselves and bikes, we were able to continue the ride.  I wonder if I am going to be sore tomorrow?

Avg pace 17.3mph
Time  3:34 hrs
Avg HR 104bpm

A good day on the road.

Train Hard, Train Smart

Friday, February 17, 2012

In anticipation of Saturday's ride

I saw this shirt and took a picture.  This is going to be my motto tomorrow.


Where did the week go

Wow!  Is this what it is going to be like??  Sunday I was doing an  8 mile run and now its Friday night.  It was just a blur.  Between the workouts and work that is about all the time I had.  So let me summarize.

Sunday - 8 mile run. Zone 2. Avg HR=125. Avg Pace 10:48  It was cold. We ran at 6am from DD.
Monday - A day of rest.  Stretched with that god awful Grid.
Tuesday - Swam 2,200m then ran 30 minutes at a long run tempo pace.  Avg HR=136. Avg Pace 9:53
Wednesday - Bike training - 1:15 h on the bike and then lifted weights.
Thursday - Swam 3200m  or 2 miles (rounded from 1.98).
Friday - Ran 30 minutes zone 2. Avg HR=136. Avg Pace 10:06 & Stretching & weight lifting

Now for the good stuff.  Tuesday's swim was uneventful.  Hard but uneventful. Wednesday was biking on trainers. CL was not feeling well so Snackie aka Katswim and I lead the class.  I was having a hard time with the music because I do not have any playlists on my iphone.  I do not like how the iphone handles them so it is hard to play good tunes all the time.  There is the false rumor that I played "Let's get started" by the Black Eyed Peas 3 times in a row.  This is not true.  Then PD was keeping a double secret check on the time.  So I was challenged to do good music and keep the time right.  Well, apparently I did none of the above.  I have a picture of a couple of people in class.  No wonder I had such a hard time.  Look....

Thursday started off bad.  I had a business dinner meeting on Wednesday so I ended up getting home late and decided it was better to sleep in than get up swim early.  I was able to swim later that day after work. 3200m is a long way.

Friday was good.  Got up and went down to the Y. Just before our run CL introduced us to a new guy.  He was wide eyed and has no idea what he is in for.  Usually most new people come to their first practice and the practice is one of the hard ones.  Well we never see those people again.  That is unfortunate because if they stuck with it they would understand what happened that first day.  The new guy should do ok

Then there is the usual antics.  PD was behind me and we had to rollover on the grid and stretch our thighs.  I was facing PD but he was still stretching his hamstrings, so his feet were at my face (bare feet).  Ode de bare foot at 6:15 in the morning is not appealing.  PD quickly moved his feet.  Then CL asks Shadow if he would like a longer one? I thought the entire class would completely come apart.  She meant a longer GRID, but it sure was not interpreted that way.

It was a good week but it was blur.

Train Hard, Train Smart

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Saturday, a brick, CL's trick, & Katswims Treat

Kind of feels like Halloween...............

We had a bike and a run scheduled for today, aka a brick.  That is what it is called when you combine 2 or more of the disciplines into one workout.  So that is the brick.  It is a very technical term for a painful workout.

CL's trick was misleading us on the ride distance.  She told us it would be a 25-30 mile bike.  What she did not tell us was that she was going to makes warm up at 14mph (very slow) for 8 miles.  So it was really a 33 miles.  She is quite devious.  It was a little chilly and windy, too, but not too bad.  The run was really nice.

Finally, the treat was Katswims treat or snack at the end of the brick.  She had chocolate milk, bananas, and juice.  It was really good.  Thank you, Katswim.

The ride was good except for when we realized we were going 33 miles instead of 25.  The first 8 were at warm up pace.  Then we were let go to ride without drafting in zone 3.  That is about a 19 to 20 mph pace for me.  What was problematic was the wind. There were five of us that took off  and we traded the lead back and forth but eventually spread out.  It was fun.  Some of the lighter guys would rock downwind but then would fall back upwind.  Me being a heavier guy would not get as much help downwind but I had the power to muscle upwind.

Once we got to the run I averaged a 9:20 min/mile.  Unfortunately, most of the guys I was riding around run a lot faster than I do. Oh well.  I managed that pace well within zone 3 which I supposed to do.  It was good day.

Avg speed:   18.7mph    not bad for the winds we had - does not include the 8 mile warm up.
Distance:      24.5 miles
Time            1:22
Calories       1000

Avg Pace    9:20 min/mile
Distance     3.2 miles
Time          29:55
Calories     400

Friday, February 10th

Still out of town.  I just stretched and did some weightlifting.  Thursday night I tried my Compex muscle stimulator on my shoulders and arms.  I had the intensity up too much.  I ended up waking up in the middle of the night not being able to sleep because my arm and shoulders were sore...  Ouch!

Note to self:  DO NOT DO THAT AGAIN!!!

Thursday, Feb 9th

Today I am in Columbia, SC where it is 37 degrees out at 6am in the morning.  Great weather for a run.  NOT!!  I almost did not go but felt it was important to go.  I started at 6:30 for a 6 miler that the CL had me scheduled to run.  It was a zone 2 run.  It is cold outside.  They have hills in Columbia.  Nothing like those in FL where I run.  

Avg. HR 136 bpm
Avg. Pace 10:53 per mile
Time:    1:09
Calories:  800

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Columbia and a 6.4 mile Run

I traveled out of town yesterday to Columbia, SC.  It is cold up here.  The low this am was in the 30s.  I was supposed to a 6 mile assigned by the CL.  So I started out at 6:30am.  It is hilly up here.  It was a good zone 2 run. 

Coming home tomorrow.  Ready to ride on Saturday.

Distance: 6.4 miles
Avg HR: 138

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Swimming Threshold Test

We done the run and the bike tests.  The only thing left was swimming.  I show at the pool this am at o'dark thirty and ask the CL which lane I need to be in.  She points to the lane with all the fast people.  I did not want to hear that.  I get in anyway and warm up.  The test was a 1000 meter swim as fast as you could go.

There are 5 of us in the lane: Katie, Jen, Dave, Andres and me.  The CL starts us.  Katie goes first.  Jen will not go because she has not been swimming for a month or so.  Katie and Jen are part fish. So I know I am slower than Dave and Andres, so I tell them to go.  Seconds are ticking off and we have not started.  Finally, Dave goes then Andres and then me.  Jen goes last.

After the first lap I knew I could pass Dave and Andres but not in a 50 meter span and if I did could I hold it.  Probably not.  So I practiced my drafting.  Dave, Andres and me all bunched together. Andres drafting Dave and me drafting Andres.  At 6 and half laps Dave stops at the wall.  He looks spent. Andres and I continue and Dave follows me.  Andres picks it up a little bit and I stay on his draft for about a lap then he looses me.  Oh well! It was good while it lasted.  So the last 2 laps were on my own and hard.

Finished in 18:23 or 1:50 / 100 meters which is better than I had planned on. CL says I can go faster.  IMAZ is wetsuit legal.  I will be faster.  Also, note this test was in meters.  Our last test was yards.  If you compare the times on a comparable basis then today's test was a 1:41 per 100yds and the last test was 1:42 per 100yds.  I got better!

All in all, I did good.

Train hard, train smart,

Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday / Rest Day

Today was a rest day.  I slept in a whole 10 minutes longer than usual.  Yea!  Saw the boys and the wife off to school and work, respectively. Then rolled out with my Grid.  All I can say is OUCH!!!!

Train Hard, Train Smart

Sunday Run

The CL wanted me to run 5 miles without electronics.  No music, no HR monitor, nothing more than my clothes and shoes.  Clothing was optional but the cop in the Tijuana Flats parking lot for sure would have arrested me.  So how does one run 5 miles if you do not know how far you have gone?  I do not know.  So I wore my Garmin (no HR monitor) and turned my screen to distance only.  I set the pace based on how I felt.

All in all it was a great run.  Easy pace not breathing hard.  Now I know how far 5 miles is.  Dianne passed me in her car on her way to the threshold test.  She did not have to wait long.  I was administering the test.

Time: Unknown
Pace: Unknown
Distance: 5 miles
HR: Unknown
Calories: Unknown

Train hard, Train Smart

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Saturday, Feb 4th - 55 mile bike ride

Like any other long ride Saturday we convened at the Lake Nona Y.  It was cool out but not too bad.  I did not wear any cold weather gear.  So we got started at 7:45.  It was a beautiful day out until the wind started blowing.  Holy crap!!!!  This was a zone 2 ride and it was an absolute struggle.  Finally, we finished.

Now we are about mile 40 on this ride and the wind is just beating on us. We are in a double pace line and I am behind Jessica Sch.  She is about 4'11" and has a zero profile on the bike.  There is no such thing as drafting behind her.  It is like riding in the lead. So I yell at to her that she needs to bulk up. This is the last thing you say to a woman.  I wish I had been able to see her face. She starts stammering and asking what the hell I was talking about.  CL got it immediately.  Jessica then got it and asked how the draft was?????  Later that day after our 4 hour bike ride we were at Tijuana Flats for lunch, Steph dubbed her "Bulky".  Sorry Jess, your stuck with it. 

The day was good, but I could done without the wind.  Here are the stats:

55 miles
4:05 hours (We did stop often and at one point stopped for 16 minutes to help one our own to change a flat)
Approx 16 - 17 avg mph
1,100 calories burned ( I am not buying this number I do not think Garmin is working right.)

Friday, Feb 3rd

Friday was a stretch day with the Grid rollers.  OMG I never knew such an inanimate object could inflict so much pain in a person.  Here is a pic of one.  Essentially you roll yourself around on this thing and get pain.  So I show up for the 6am class and notice everyone is sweating and they are all grinning at me.  Then they start razzing me about not showing up for the run.  What run?????  I misread the email.  Crap!!!  So after stretch and weightlifting, I went home and ran. That sucked.
Here are the stats.

2 miles
20:30 minutes:seconds
137 Avg HR

Fire Drill

So this post is a little tardy but funny none the less.  Last Friday we were in stretching class and the fire alarm goes off.  We are told it is a test, so we just keep stretching with the grids trying to ignore the ear piercing alarm.  After a few minutes we figure out that this test is going to occur for quite some time.  Finally, I go up to the alarm with my work out towel and cover the speaker.  It dampened the sound to annoying but there I was standing there on top of a box holding a towel over a fire alarm.  Katie goes to get tape, but she had to weave all over the building because the fire doors were closed.  She finally gets back with tape and her and Jorge tape the towel over the alarm just in time for it to turn off.  It looked hilarious.  It was truly a team effort.  After class we took the tape and towel off.  Here is a pic.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sleep Talking, Swimming, & Waking up early

Today started out really weird, then got normal then I found out why it started out weird.  Let me explain.

For the third day in a row I awoke at 4:45am.  I knew I had a restless night but I was rested.  I did the usual morning routine.  Coffee, banana, getting dressed, etc. Kissed the wife and drove to the aquatic center to swim.  The swim workout was 2,500 meters or 2,732 yards.  Not too hard, but hard enough.  I am actually kind of doing the cool down much to the pleasure of the CL.

I then got showered and went to work.  A normal day right. Later today I got a call from my wife. She asked if I was ok. I said I am fine.  She then said I had quite an evening talking in my sleep.  Of course, I asked what did I say.  Well, it went like this according to her.  "The training is too hard."  "It's just too hard."  Well, we all know what training I was talking about.  She said I was quite animated and upset about it.  I do not remember a thing.  What a night!

This waking up at 4:45am has got to end.  I am too tired. Tomorrow is stretching at 6am I get to sleep a half hour later.  Whoo hoo!!!!!!

That's all for now!!

Train hard, train smart,

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cycling Lactate Threshhold Test

The CL was back at it today.  Last week it was the running Threshhold Test TT.  This week it was cycling.  Since nutrition is called the "fourth" discipline of triathlon, I can't wait for that test.....

At some ungodly hour I awoke to drag myself, my bike, and my trainer down to the Lake Nona Y. We were meeting at 5:30 am.  I was the second one in the gym and started setting up my bike.  The only thing everyone could say to me when they came in was "Scot you are here early.?"  Yes I am normally a little late.  Anyway CL showed up and we eventually got started.

For 20 minutes we pedaled and for 15 minutes I complained about my HR monitor not working.  Finally the CL says do you have the strap on right?  I said yes.  I lift up my shirt and the pads are showing, ie they are not on my chest.  Oops.  I hated when she does that.  I am going to have lift up my shirt from now on to prove to her I put my damn HR monitor on correctly.  I know what happened, when I took my sweatshirt off must have gotten caught and rolled.

Now after the 20 minute warmup we pedaled for 30minutes as hard as we could go at a cadence of 85rpm or greater.  At the 10, 20, & 30 minute mark we told the CL our HR and cadence.  My were:
10 minutes - 147 HR, 97 cadence
20 minutes - 152 HR, 97 cadence
30 minutes - 152 HR, 99 cadence

What does that mean?  Well you average the HR look up your average in Joe Friel's book Going Long to get your training HR zones.  The CL said you back a few heart beats off the average. So if you do that my cycling HR training zones are as follows:

Traing zone 1 = <117
Traing zone 2 = 117 to 131
Traing zone 3 = 132 to 137
Traing zone 4 = 138 to 146
Traing zone 5 = 147 and up

Swimming tomorrow, Stretch, core, and lifting on Friday, and riding 55 miles on Saturday.  IMAZ here I come.

Train hard, train smart