Friday, April 27, 2012

Another tough week of training

After my last post I ran 8 miles on that Sunday.  It was a zone 2 run with Ken and a few others.  We did it running and walking as we are planning to do during the ironman.  The run went well.

The following day we swam 3,000 yards.  Then later on that Monday I was on a plane for London.  After 8 hours a plane and about 5 hours of sleep I walked around the Battersea park, Hyde park, and Kesington Gardens. I spent the next 4 days working, but more importantly I was able to get in two 6 miles runs.  I only almost got hit by a car once and it wasn't because I was looking the wrong way.  This car was across the street and decided to turn down the side road I was crossing.  Fortunately I was not hit.

One thing of notice was the number of people that ran or biked to work in London.  There is a lot.  They are all crazy, too.  Riding a bike on those narrow streets is  ridiculous.

I got home on Saturday and was out running again on Sunday for 8 miles doing the run/walk thing.  The week went really well. Here is a summary of this week's workouts.

Monday - 2900 yards in the pool with a 30 minute recovery which I did at a zone 3 pace.  I also used the Compex machine on my shoulders.  They were hurting after the swim.

Tuesday - Bike trainer workout for 1:15 followed by a core / TRX workout.

Wednesday - 2700 yards in the pool in the morning.  In the afternoon lifted weights and rean 4 miles in zone 3. That was hard.

Thursday - Bike trainer workout for 1:15 followed by a core / TRX workout.

Friday - today we stretched and did core work.  Core had a test for 3 minutes, which I passed with flying colors.

I felt good all week and lost another 2 pounds.

Tomorrow we are doing a 65 mile ride.  Looking forward to it.

Next week I am going to Bermuda.  Oh joy.

Train Hard. Train Smart

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