Sunday, March 11, 2012

Where the H..... have I been?

Wow! What a week!  My last post was Saturday, March 4th.  Sunday was filled with a lot of family obligations and just other things.  I did manage to run 5 miles at a zone 2 pace.

Monday we swam at the Lake Nona Y pool for the first time in weeks. The water was warm, but it was 50 degrees on the deck.  We swam 2750 yds.

Tuesday was a rest day, but I went out of town on an annual quail hunt and managed to shoot 49 quail with my hunting buddy that morning.

Wednesday, I was hunting again.  35 this time.  Came home and ran 5 miles at varying paces.  That was hard.

Thursday was bike class.  Fun as usual.  Over an hour on the bike.

Friday was a 3 mile run in low zone 2, stretching, core, and weightlifting.

Saturday is a long story.  See the next post.

Train Hard, Train Smart

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