Monday, January 16, 2012

307 days to go

By now there is quite some repitition in my blog titles.  It is my own way of counting down, since I can not find a countdown gadget that will work in this blog!  If anyone knows how to do this, I would be eternally grateful. 

This weekend was more base training.  45 miles on the bike and a 7 mile run all in zone 2 on Saturday and Sunday, respestively.  The bike ride was cold.  It had to be about 40 when we started.  I was dressed in my ninja warrior outfit, so I was cool but not cold.  Ninja warrior outfit??  Well, it means I am dressed as follows:  helmet, balacava (full face, only the eyes show and I had sunglasses on), wind proof jacket, gloves, UA heatgear tights, and wind proof shoe covers. Other than the helmet, everything was black. 

We sometimes train with the CL's team in training team.  They are a great group.  Except on Saturday there were 2 new people that were not only dealing with the cold but also dealing with this thing called triathlon.  I am sure they are wondering what the heck they got themselves into.  I really felt bad for them.  It was cold and not fun for them.  Hopefully, they will hang in there.  It always seems like new people come to the hardest practices the very first time.!!

Sunday's run was cold too, but not as bad as the bike.  Wind on the bike = BAD.  Wind on a run sucks but does not ruin the day.  Accomplished both the bike and the run well in zone 2. 

Also finished my tests for the CL last week.  The results were:
Waking HR was 50-55 each day.
# of consecutive push-ups = 33
# of consecutive sit-ups = 28
3 minute step test - HR recovered 40bpm in one minute and an additional 10 bpm the second minute.

All in all I am reasonably fit, but need a long endurance base built up if I am ever going to tackle IMAZ.

Train Smart not Hard

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