Sunday, January 8, 2012

315 Days to Go

Yesterday, Saturday, 1/7, we had a good size group go riding.  I would say there was at least 15 of us.  It was 40 mile zone 2 bike ride.  We all were good and did not go into zone 3 except when cresting Mount Nona.  In this kind of ride you get to ride with almost everybody and some point in time and you chat it up.  

Folks who are not around me too much really take me way too seriously.  We were talking about how far we had already gone.  We had gotten separated into 2 groups but had come back together.  My group had gone farther.  So my mileage, was about mile further. Julie and Pam's was less.  Pam jokingly said that I must be weaving.  Real indignant, I say I was not weaving.  At this time Julie and Pam have this look OMG we have struck a nerve.  Then I quickly say I do not even know how to knit.  They were quite relieved and amused.

Well, that was a good one.  Sorry girls, it was just fun to tell that story.    

Good Training.

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