Thursday, January 26, 2012


Well, I should thank the CL for having us swim at the Aquatic center this morning.  Apparently the 528 was a nightmare during rush hour.  It had accidents and heavy traffic from a convention in town.  Since I was driving it before 6am, I missed it all.

Swimming was fun today until we got the part where we had to do 6 50s (that's meters not yards, so it is longer) on the one minute.  This means you have to swim hard to the other end of the pool under a minute.  Any   time in the minute left you can rest.  When the minute is up, you are swimming again.  That is hard especially in meters.

Speaking of early start times, the CL called practice at 5:15 so we can run before stretching.  Is she nuts?  Well  I am going to bed now.  Nite nite...

Train smart not hard

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