Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

2012 is here.  What will be my New Year's Resolutions?  Let me think about this.

Probably should be something about the Ironman.  What about some family items? Work related? What should I resolve? I took most of the day to think about this and really didn't get anywhere.  So here it goes.

My New Year's Resolutions (yes, it is plural)

  1. Finish Ironman AZ and be prepared to do it
  2. Stay married while accomplishing #1
  3. Support my sons while accomplishing #1
  4. Stay employed while accomplishing #1
At the end of the day simple is better.  I probably could have spent days thinking about this and come up with some really mind blowing resolutions, but that would have just been too hard to do.  Why spend the time and energy on just bs. 

So what do the resolutions mean, IMAZ is front and center in my life this year but at the end of the year if I finish IMAZ and lose my wife or my family or my job then I failed.  This year is going to be about balance.  An old wise man saying says, "An accountant's life must always be in balance."  :)

I probably should resolve not to give CL such a hard time at practice.  Not!  I will continue to have fun, not at her expense but at what she wants us to do.  She is a fabulous teacher and friend.  I am simply having fun.  If we can't have fun then I do not want to practice.  Don't get me wrong I am all about practicing hard, but it needs to have purpose and be fun.

I hope that CL will endure the never ending question of why why why!!

Good Training.

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