Monday, January 2, 2012

News Flash

The pool heater has been broken at the Y, so our swim practices were switched.  This means that today we ran instead of swimming.  It was 4 miles in zone 2.  Or dog slow as I like to put it.  It was a comfortable run and the weather was pleasant.

Obviously that was not the news flash.  The CL ran today!!!!!  I actually saw her run for the entire distance.  Up until this day I had never seen her do a run workout with us.  To put this in perspective  she began coaching team Vortex January of 2010.  Almost 2 years.  She did really good.  BTW she pointed it out to me.  I hadn't even noticed.  What can I say?  I am a GUY!

We had a good group out this am.  It was a relaxing day as most of us did not have to work today as it was the official holiday for New Year's Day today. 

So the new year begins, on a good note and a pleasant surprise.  Swimming tomorrow in a heated pool.  Yea!!  It is supposed to be 35 degrees out in the am.  That is way too cold in FL.

Good Training.

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