Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cycling Lactate Threshhold Test

The CL was back at it today.  Last week it was the running Threshhold Test TT.  This week it was cycling.  Since nutrition is called the "fourth" discipline of triathlon, I can't wait for that test.....

At some ungodly hour I awoke to drag myself, my bike, and my trainer down to the Lake Nona Y. We were meeting at 5:30 am.  I was the second one in the gym and started setting up my bike.  The only thing everyone could say to me when they came in was "Scot you are here early.?"  Yes I am normally a little late.  Anyway CL showed up and we eventually got started.

For 20 minutes we pedaled and for 15 minutes I complained about my HR monitor not working.  Finally the CL says do you have the strap on right?  I said yes.  I lift up my shirt and the pads are showing, ie they are not on my chest.  Oops.  I hated when she does that.  I am going to have lift up my shirt from now on to prove to her I put my damn HR monitor on correctly.  I know what happened, when I took my sweatshirt off must have gotten caught and rolled.

Now after the 20 minute warmup we pedaled for 30minutes as hard as we could go at a cadence of 85rpm or greater.  At the 10, 20, & 30 minute mark we told the CL our HR and cadence.  My were:
10 minutes - 147 HR, 97 cadence
20 minutes - 152 HR, 97 cadence
30 minutes - 152 HR, 99 cadence

What does that mean?  Well you average the HR look up your average in Joe Friel's book Going Long to get your training HR zones.  The CL said you back a few heart beats off the average. So if you do that my cycling HR training zones are as follows:

Traing zone 1 = <117
Traing zone 2 = 117 to 131
Traing zone 3 = 132 to 137
Traing zone 4 = 138 to 146
Traing zone 5 = 147 and up

Swimming tomorrow, Stretch, core, and lifting on Friday, and riding 55 miles on Saturday.  IMAZ here I come.

Train hard, train smart

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