Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I had a meeting with the CL.  I wanted to discuss time goals for IMAZ.  Let's get one thing clear.  I torture numbers for a living.  So give me anything to do with number crunching and I will have a field day with it.  So keep in mind have computed these numbers 100 times. 

Also, I am quite apprehensive about even sharing these times because it will committ me to a training regimen that my team will hold me too.  Not to mention the embarassment factor if I do not hit them.  So with that and much more in mind but to garbled in the grey matter of my brain to express in the written word, I am setting forth these goals for IMAZ.  These are in order of importance.

1. I will finish under 17 hours!  Definitely will not do what that lady did at Kona and finish 4 seconds after 17 hours.

2. I will train as instructed so that I will have no excuse not to achieve #1 above.  In my opinion, the race will be hard, but the training will be harder. I need to check my ego at the door.  Fat chance!  :)

3. Provided I am faithful to #2 above, I can then expect to race to the following times:
  • Swim = 1:15
  • Bike = 6:00
  • Run = 5:30
  • Transitions = 0:15
  • Total = 13 hours. 
Ok, the swim time is totally doable. CL and I both thought I may be able to cut some time off that but not a lot.  The bike is ambitious.  That is 18.6 mph for the whole time out there.  CL was thinking about a 6:30 time, which is just over 17 mph average.  The run is totally doable. Run at 5 mph and walk every mile for .1mi at 3 mph.  HOWEVER,  the run will be very much dependent on what I do on the bike.  If I push on the bike, the run will suck.

Disclaimer: Sxxx Happens!  If this occurs (for instance, winds are high on the bike, its raining, or it is unseasonably hot), then the times above are OFF, except for the swim.  I cannot think of anything other than no water that would screw up the swim.

These are just goals, especially the time goal. The first two are more important. 

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