Sunday, December 11, 2011

We are in trouble now 12/10/11

Today started out like any other weekend day. An early rise at 6am to my son's alarm upstairs blaring. Really?  Well, he was at a friend's house and the other one "didn't hear it"??  So being a good husband I dragged my butt up there and turned it off.  5 minutes later the damn thing went off again.  The second alarm.  Back up stairs and made sure there wasn't a third one.

Took some time did the usual morning routine stuff.  We were riding today from Advanced Cycles so I was going to take my bike over there by car.  So I loaded it up and got over there.  We were doing paceline practice at the airport loop.  Pretty much one group.  We made 2 laps together.  The 3rd lap was a disaster.  We splintered like a piece of wood being smashed by a sledge hammer.  It was no one person's fault we are all at different levels.  We just did not stick together.

Well, we all stopped to wait for the last person.  Our CL (cult leader) then starts with her motherly voice which means we are all about to get our heads handed to us.  (and it happened).  She wanted us to stay together. Period.  She then went on to explain why she wanted us to do what she said.  We all hung our heads low. She was right, but seriously we did not think that far ahead.  Finally, she was done and we rode TOGETHER back to Advanced Cycle. 

It was a good day.  We got a good ride in, got yelled at, and learned something -- (DO WHAT THE CL SAYS!!)..... lol

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