Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Surprise!! You have time trial (TT) today! 12/13/11

Another think you need to know is that there are about 10 other people including the CL that are going to IMAZ next year that I am training with.  Not everybody comes to all the team practices.  This is because of timing, distance, travel, etc. gets in the way, but we have a good group (including those not doing an ironman) that trains together and supports one another.

So, we show up at the Y at 6am.  CL walks in with a pad.  This means she is going to write something down.  This means usually a lot of pain for us.  She informs us that we are having a time trial.  A one miler.  Isn't that fabulous??  Well, we are going to warm up for a mile then do some stretching and other stuff and then have the TT.

We get done with the preliminaries and start the TT.  Here we go.  Well Wally looks like he got shot out of cannon and is gone.  Then there is the group that passes me but I know I will not catch them. Then there is Steve.  He goes by strong and I pick it up a little just to stay close.  I feel like I can move a little faster and overtake him at about .4mi.  Goal now just put distance between us. (Can you tell I am a little competitive?)  At about .7mi I am not liking life and start to slow, then I check my six and Steve is right there. Damn it!  So I pick it up.  At about .9mi Steve makes a move around me and makes a bad turn.  He thought we were at the entrance where we started but it was one more up.  He adjusts but slows just a little.  With about 50 yards to go I make a move and start a sprint, if you call what I did a sprint. It was for me but others I sure they would call it a jog.  I nosed Steve at the imaginary line and we both were spent.  Time = 7:53.

Did better than I thought I would thanks to Steve.  Thank you, Steve for pushing me.

Swimming tomorrow.  Since I have not been in the pool for a week and a half I will probably drown.  So I hope the lifeguard is awake.

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