Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Holidays

The Holidays always present a challenge for training.  Everyone, including me, does not want to do much.  You have the fanatical faithful, of which I am one.  Then you have the folks who do it when they have the time and inclination.  Finally, the folks that say "I will get back to training next year".  I wish I was one of them, but I am not.  The reason I keep training is to maintain fitness and not to have to start over.  So this training is really maintaining for me.  Please do not get me wrong on my groupings.  If you fall into one of the other categories, I am not judging you.  Just observing the world around me.

Last Wednesday was a swim day at the pool.  We showed up but the CL did not.  She was working overtime so she could do IM training next year.  Well the life guard had the workout.  It was 400yd warm-up of pull, swim, and kick then a ladder by 100s from 100 to 400 then a 200 back cool down. About 2000 total yards. So we do that and then the CL sends out an email later that day with  a 600yd warm-up of pull, swim, and kick then a ladder by 50s from 50 to 300 then 2 - 400s then go back down the ladder then a 200 back cool down or 3400 yards.  Oops, we lucked out on that one!!!:)

Also got a Compex stimulator for Xmas from my sweetheart darling. I always knew she wanted to electrocute me.  Looks like fun.  I will be letting you know how that goes.

Good Training.

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