Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fire Drill

So this post is a little tardy but funny none the less.  Last Friday we were in stretching class and the fire alarm goes off.  We are told it is a test, so we just keep stretching with the grids trying to ignore the ear piercing alarm.  After a few minutes we figure out that this test is going to occur for quite some time.  Finally, I go up to the alarm with my work out towel and cover the speaker.  It dampened the sound to annoying but there I was standing there on top of a box holding a towel over a fire alarm.  Katie goes to get tape, but she had to weave all over the building because the fire doors were closed.  She finally gets back with tape and her and Jorge tape the towel over the alarm just in time for it to turn off.  It looked hilarious.  It was truly a team effort.  After class we took the tape and towel off.  Here is a pic.

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