Monday, February 27, 2012

Let's Swim and Run

So we head over to Lucky's Lake to do an open water swim.  We took our wetsuits.  I also had my oldest son who is 16 with me.  We picked up Snackie and Little T at the Y headed over to Lucky's Lake.

It was hilarious to watch people get into their wetsuits.  The best one was Bulky.  She broker her birdy finger at work the day before but she was determined to do a swim.  So there she is trying to get her wetsuit on.  Well she needed help.  So Steph and Snackie pitch in and start pulling this wetsuit up her body.  It looked like they were molesting her. It was hilarious.  They pulling and grabbing all over her.  Bulky seemed to enjoy it, but I am not sure.  Eventually, they got it on her.  Where was my cell phone????

The swim went well. Number 1 son made it over and back and signed the wall. I did a second crossing on my own.

Then we went for a 75 minute run in zone 2.  That was fun.  It ended up being 7 miles.

Pace 10:25 min/mi
Time: 75 min
Avg HR: 135

Train Hard, Train Smart

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