Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday's Ride - People, a Veteran, & a Fall

Today was a 60 mile ride from the Y.  We showed up at a usual time and there was a ton of people there.  I am telling you a lot of people.  There were at least 25 if not 30.  The ride was broken into two 30 mile parts.  The first part went back into Isle of Pines and ended back at the Y.  We refueled and stocked up, then went out for the second half.  The second half was up to Lee Vista and out to the airport.

As we were heading out to the airport we had to stop in a cut out to wait for a couple of people that got stuck at a traffic light.  This veteran tooled up on his electric scooter.  He stopped and started talking to us about how he was an army vet from Pearl Harbor. He certainly looked old enough but he was talking so fast I could not make out half of what he was saying.  He was funny and certainly broke up the drudergy of the ride.  God bless him and thank you for his service to our country.

Just down the road we had to make a left.  There were a lot of cars and it was hard getting over.  As we moved over into the left turn lane, two of the girls bumped into each other.  How do I know that? I was right behind them.  Well, one stayed up but the other fell.  Yes, right in front of me.  I had no where to go.  I was braking but ended up stopping on her rear wheel.  Then I fell fortunately I had no speed.  I was able to unclip and just enjoyed the ride to the asphalt.  I pulled my arms in and fisted my fingers. I hit on my right back and rolled.  I popped right up.  I was fine as was the girl that fell in front of me.  After checking ourselves and bikes, we were able to continue the ride.  I wonder if I am going to be sore tomorrow?

Avg pace 17.3mph
Time  3:34 hrs
Avg HR 104bpm

A good day on the road.

Train Hard, Train Smart

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