Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Swim Pacing

CL told me today was going to be about pacing.  So I start the day early again.  4:45am sucks, but it is necessary.  We get to the pool and CL tells me to get in the lane with Snackie.  Snackie is fast.  This does not seem to be good for me.  So we do a 500m warm up - 300 pull & 200 kick.  We get done and CL tells this swim about  T-pace, Threshold pace.  T-pace is the pace we tested for 3 weeks ago.  Mine is 1:50 per 100m.

The workout is T-pace plus 5secs for 10 - 100m with 10 second rest.  Then do another 10 - 100m with 20 seconds rest at T-pace.  So Snackie and I get started.  I am on fire. I swim the first 100 at 1:30.  Oops!  This goes on for another 3 or 4 100s and then CL comes over and starts getting mad at us.  PS Snackie was faster. I try to slow down but it just is not happening.  I end up doing my slowest lap at 1:40.

I am sure I will hear about it tomorrow.   We finished with another 100 kick and 200 back.

Train Hard, Train Smart

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  1. You did great. I'm glad you had that gel or you might still be in the pool. :)