Sunday, February 12, 2012

Saturday, a brick, CL's trick, & Katswims Treat

Kind of feels like Halloween...............

We had a bike and a run scheduled for today, aka a brick.  That is what it is called when you combine 2 or more of the disciplines into one workout.  So that is the brick.  It is a very technical term for a painful workout.

CL's trick was misleading us on the ride distance.  She told us it would be a 25-30 mile bike.  What she did not tell us was that she was going to makes warm up at 14mph (very slow) for 8 miles.  So it was really a 33 miles.  She is quite devious.  It was a little chilly and windy, too, but not too bad.  The run was really nice.

Finally, the treat was Katswims treat or snack at the end of the brick.  She had chocolate milk, bananas, and juice.  It was really good.  Thank you, Katswim.

The ride was good except for when we realized we were going 33 miles instead of 25.  The first 8 were at warm up pace.  Then we were let go to ride without drafting in zone 3.  That is about a 19 to 20 mph pace for me.  What was problematic was the wind. There were five of us that took off  and we traded the lead back and forth but eventually spread out.  It was fun.  Some of the lighter guys would rock downwind but then would fall back upwind.  Me being a heavier guy would not get as much help downwind but I had the power to muscle upwind.

Once we got to the run I averaged a 9:20 min/mile.  Unfortunately, most of the guys I was riding around run a lot faster than I do. Oh well.  I managed that pace well within zone 3 which I supposed to do.  It was good day.

Avg speed:   18.7mph    not bad for the winds we had - does not include the 8 mile warm up.
Distance:      24.5 miles
Time            1:22
Calories       1000

Avg Pace    9:20 min/mile
Distance     3.2 miles
Time          29:55
Calories     400

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