Sunday, February 5, 2012

Saturday, Feb 4th - 55 mile bike ride

Like any other long ride Saturday we convened at the Lake Nona Y.  It was cool out but not too bad.  I did not wear any cold weather gear.  So we got started at 7:45.  It was a beautiful day out until the wind started blowing.  Holy crap!!!!  This was a zone 2 ride and it was an absolute struggle.  Finally, we finished.

Now we are about mile 40 on this ride and the wind is just beating on us. We are in a double pace line and I am behind Jessica Sch.  She is about 4'11" and has a zero profile on the bike.  There is no such thing as drafting behind her.  It is like riding in the lead. So I yell at to her that she needs to bulk up. This is the last thing you say to a woman.  I wish I had been able to see her face. She starts stammering and asking what the hell I was talking about.  CL got it immediately.  Jessica then got it and asked how the draft was?????  Later that day after our 4 hour bike ride we were at Tijuana Flats for lunch, Steph dubbed her "Bulky".  Sorry Jess, your stuck with it. 

The day was good, but I could done without the wind.  Here are the stats:

55 miles
4:05 hours (We did stop often and at one point stopped for 16 minutes to help one our own to change a flat)
Approx 16 - 17 avg mph
1,100 calories burned ( I am not buying this number I do not think Garmin is working right.)

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