Monday, February 6, 2012

Sunday Run

The CL wanted me to run 5 miles without electronics.  No music, no HR monitor, nothing more than my clothes and shoes.  Clothing was optional but the cop in the Tijuana Flats parking lot for sure would have arrested me.  So how does one run 5 miles if you do not know how far you have gone?  I do not know.  So I wore my Garmin (no HR monitor) and turned my screen to distance only.  I set the pace based on how I felt.

All in all it was a great run.  Easy pace not breathing hard.  Now I know how far 5 miles is.  Dianne passed me in her car on her way to the threshold test.  She did not have to wait long.  I was administering the test.

Time: Unknown
Pace: Unknown
Distance: 5 miles
HR: Unknown
Calories: Unknown

Train hard, Train Smart

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