Sunday, February 19, 2012

The CL is hilarious......

As I have written we went riding for 60 miles on Saturday.  At the end of the ride Snackie had the chocolate milk, bananas and Nutella. We were all enjoying our post ride snack.  Then the CL proclaims that starting this week we have to start bringing nutrition to the pool to eat after we swim.  Then she had to say it again as usual with this group.  This time she said " You all need to have food on you when you swim."  I just could not resist.  This was a softball lobbed up for me to smack it out of the park.  I immediately said rather sheepishly, "Then won't it get all wet and soggy."

I could not look at her.  I knew she wanted to commit murder at that point in time.  The worst part was I was standing right next to her.  She did not hit.  I would have hit me.  Anyway it was fabulous and we all got a good laugh.

The CL is a great coach. We just have to keep it light.  The training is hard but we should be having fun too.  She let's us do both.  She is da bomb.

Train Hard, Train Smart

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