Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday's Swim

Today was swimming. I got put in the fast lane.  That was funny.  The slow fat guy in the fast lane. Now that's hilarious.  It started out harmlessly with some kick and pull, then we started doing drills. Ouch.  Nothing like swimming with tennis balls in your hands and a kickboard sticking out between your legs near your butt.  My favorite drill was a new one.  It was a one legged kick with the other leg sticking up in the air. I felt like a flipping ballerina in the water.

PD and Snackie were good to me.  We swam well together.  PD and I just drafted Snackie as much as we could.  At the end the CL had us 4 fifties on the minute.  That is you swim 50 meters and when you finish you rest until one minute is up you then do the next fifty. After the fifties then we did 4 twenty-fives on the 25.  The only good news about this is it was only one minute forty seconds of hell.

We finished up and started the rest of our day.  CL says we are going to do the ballerina drill more because it strengthens our core. We will see.

That is it for tonight.

Train Hard, Train Smart

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  1. Maybe you should bring your tutu to practice next time. LOL.