Monday, February 27, 2012

Sunday's Almost Brick

On Sunday a bunch of us went out to Clermont to ride 50 miles and then run 2 miles off the bike.  It was a little chilly so we were bundled up somewhat.

We were riding on the West Orange trail.  Most of the time when it crosses a street there is a pole in the middle of the trail to prevent cars from turning on to the trail.  At one the intersections after we were about 7 miles out. J just forgets about the poles and runs into one.  It was a horrible sound.  Fortunately, he and his bike were ok.   so for the rest of the ride we not only were calling out runners and other cyclists on the trail but every pole too. I still can't believe he rode into the pole.

At 20 miles we had come back to the place we had started and it was raining.  The radar had rain in the direction we were going to go to finish the 50 miles.  So we decided to do our 2 mile run and go get breakfast at Waffle House.  That breakfast was great!!!

No stats.  Garmin screwed up on me.

Train Hard, Train Smart

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