Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Swimming Threshold Test

We done the run and the bike tests.  The only thing left was swimming.  I show at the pool this am at o'dark thirty and ask the CL which lane I need to be in.  She points to the lane with all the fast people.  I did not want to hear that.  I get in anyway and warm up.  The test was a 1000 meter swim as fast as you could go.

There are 5 of us in the lane: Katie, Jen, Dave, Andres and me.  The CL starts us.  Katie goes first.  Jen will not go because she has not been swimming for a month or so.  Katie and Jen are part fish. So I know I am slower than Dave and Andres, so I tell them to go.  Seconds are ticking off and we have not started.  Finally, Dave goes then Andres and then me.  Jen goes last.

After the first lap I knew I could pass Dave and Andres but not in a 50 meter span and if I did could I hold it.  Probably not.  So I practiced my drafting.  Dave, Andres and me all bunched together. Andres drafting Dave and me drafting Andres.  At 6 and half laps Dave stops at the wall.  He looks spent. Andres and I continue and Dave follows me.  Andres picks it up a little bit and I stay on his draft for about a lap then he looses me.  Oh well! It was good while it lasted.  So the last 2 laps were on my own and hard.

Finished in 18:23 or 1:50 / 100 meters which is better than I had planned on. CL says I can go faster.  IMAZ is wetsuit legal.  I will be faster.  Also, note this test was in meters.  Our last test was yards.  If you compare the times on a comparable basis then today's test was a 1:41 per 100yds and the last test was 1:42 per 100yds.  I got better!

All in all, I did good.

Train hard, train smart,

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